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TMI FLASH LITE can save time by reducing storage intervals during a procedure. By connecting your imaging system wirelessly to your DICOM network, TMI FLASH LITE can help reduce the storage intervals of images obtained during a procedure.

Need wireless DICOM, Wired DICOM & USB thumb/hard disk storage to your mobile C-Arm?

You need TMI FLASH
TMI's FLASH LITE adds wireless DICOM to any mobile imaging system with RJ45 connectivity.

- Adds secure WiFi image transmission to PACS system or work-stations
- Compatible with all imaging systems with an RJ45 jack
- Compatible with all DICOM systems
- Supports WiFi standards including 801.11 b, g and n
- Up to 150 Mbps
- Range: 100 feet
- Affordable!
- Easy to setup and use
- HIPAA compliant
- RoHS compliant
- Driver-free client adapter

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