Every part we sell is identified, tested, and physically inspected before it is shipped.

Received the Wrong Part or a Defective Part?

In the event you order or receive the wrong part or a defective part, call our parts department within 48 hours of shipment receipt for assistance. Our parts department number is 800.865.8195.

Warranty Returns Policy

1. Unopened parts may be returned with prior authorization for credit within 15 days of shipment from TMI. There will be a 15% restocking fee on these parts.

2. Open parts may be returned within 15 days of shipment with prior authorization from TMI if the purchaser certifies in writing the part is functional. There will be a 25% restocking fee on returned, opened parts.

3. Unauthorized returns or returns after 15 days will not be accepted for credit.

4. Prior authorization to return parts and material to TMI must be received from our parts department before returning parts to TMI. To obtain authorization, contact our parts department at 800.865.8195 and obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

5. Authorized returns should be packed in the original containers or like conditions, marked with the RMA number, and shipped by the same carrier to prevent in-transit damage. Parts authorized for return must be received by our parts department within 15 business days of the Issued RMA or subject to penalty.

Exchange Policy

1. In order to receive a full discount, a repairable exchange part must be received at TMI within 30 days of shipment of the part from TMI to the customer’s specified site.

2. Exchange parts not received within 30 days will be charged the addition of the original discount.

3. Exchange parts received after 30 days may be subject to partial credit of the additional charge billed.


1. Generally all parts are shipped via next-day delivery, but also any other arrangement required by our customers.

2. We also go to great lengths to assure the safe and timely arrival of your parts or systems purchase. All parts and equipment are professionally prepared for transportation in our own facilities, and not until your order is encased and protected to our specifications do we hand it over to proven shippers for delivery to your site.

3. All TMI parts are shipped FOB Origin. Damage-in-transit claims should be handled directly by the customer and the carrier involved. Customer’s carrier requirements must be made known to TMI during the order process. If the customer’s carrier requirements and preferences are not made known to TMI, then the parts will be shipped FEDX-P1 or via another carrier at TMI’s discretion.

For more information EMAIL or call TMI: