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9800 in house and a special on Monitor Upgrade Kits

OEC 9800 Parts and Monitor Upgrade Specials! 

Are you looking for OEC 9800 parts? 
We just got one in yesterday, and we'll begin parting it out tomorrow! 

Software: Rev. 30
System DOM: 1999
Configuration: 9" Vascular 30
System is fully operational. Demand for 9800 parts is still high and the popular parts won't last long. Call in today to secure your parts before they're gone!

We also have some brand new Flat Panel Monitor upgrade kits for the OEC 9800 that were built before the price increase. We've got very limited stock so call us and get yours before they run out.
Has your Philips or OEC Footswitch and Handswitch seen better days? Are the cords frayed and cracking? Are you worried about system performance during procedures? Ask about our Spectre Wireless Handswitch and Footswitch combo and get rid of those annoying cables!
Questions? Concerns? Looking for a component or Part number? Have a system related service question? Give us a call at