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More Deals for More'vember

From Rock'tober!

To More'vember! 

Greetings everyone! The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and we want to give you all a great big thank you for continuing to be loyal customers. October, or Rocktober as we're calling it, was a record setting month for us and it's all thanks to all of you! Now as we're steaming through Morevember, we've got MORE great news for you!

We now offer a Solid State Drive Kit for OEC 9800's. The SSD Bracket fits the original hard drive carriage of your system so there's no fiddling with trying to make it work. Carriage in picture only used to show fit. Replace your old system drive with a new Solid State Drive!

We also have a new shipment of Temperature Sensors for OEC 9600's coming in this week. Get 'em while they last. 

And as a reminder, due to our increased supplier cost, the Monitor Upgrade Kits for the 9600 and 9800's will increase by $500 in January. If you order 5 by the end of the year, you can lock in this year's price until June of next year. And if you order 5 all at once and ship to the same location, we'll pay for the shipping! That's thousands of dollars in savings!

And last but not least, our new Spectre 2 Footswitch and Handswitch project is now out of the design phase and is out for final testing. Which means we're one step closer to bringing it to you! So stay tuned!

We're also putting a bounty out on Philips TSO's. If you have any collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, let us know. You may have one's we're looking for.  

Thank you all again! We at Transamerican Medical Imaging wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving. May there be enough pie to go around!