TMI Spectre Wireless Footswitch

Cut the cable, get the freedom!

- Compatible with GE-OEC Series 9800 C-Arms
- Plug and play connectivity
- Encrypted transmission
- Factory-mated units - Invisible to other devices
- FDA 510k & ETL approved
- Will not interfere with hospital equipment.
- Range: up to 50 feet

OEC Monitor Upgrade

- Touchscreen high resolution LED display
- New monitor bezel
- Mounting plates
- Step-by-step installation instructions

TMI Flash Wireless DICOM and Secure USB

Lose the hassle, gain connectivity!

- Adds up to 10,000 new image storage
- Secure access controlled USB
- Connectable to any system with DICOM
- Fully compatible with the LED monitor upgrade (installed as part of the Monitor upgrade).
- Includes all available enterprise security software